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        1. About Us
          Jinjiang Shunxing Machinery Industry Co., Ltd?is?a?professional?production and sales of?high-temperature?warp beam?dyeing machines,?fabric,?rubber coating machine,?dual-board?surface?processor,?PU?/?PVC?synthetic leather?manufacturing?machine,?the?SX-2000?warp beam?and rolling?machine.
          Shun Hing?spirit
          Direction?comes from?the same?belief
          Future-oriented, innovative, casting quality.
          Pool?due?to?common belief,?only?the?forward direction,?the same?sense of mission?and values,?is?the most?abundant?soil
          Shun Hing?is?rooted in?the?these?cultural?fertile soil,?to?create?a?high quality of life?moving?road, grow,?grow?....
          22 years
          The company has 22 years of development history
          30000 square meters
          Covering an area of more than 20000 square meters
          40More than
          Product promotion to many countries and regions around the world
          Textile Machinery
          Textile machinery is a general designation of various mechanical equipment that processes natural fibers or chemical fibers into required textiles. Textile machinery in a broad sense also includes chemical machinery for the production of chemical fibers. Textile machinery is the production means and material basis of the textile industry. Its technical level, quality and manufacturing cost are directly related to the development of the textile industry.
          News Center
          Industry dynamics
          Enterprise dynamic
          UseProduction of auxiliary equipment, mainly used in the process of printing and die cutting board to the carton, complete the process of the glue. Differences between gluing machine in manual gluing process has the following advantages:, glue saving, environmental protection, no waste; anti involved…
          1、 Technical principle1. Technical principleAccording to the principle of aerodynamics, the water mist dyeing solution produced by the special nozzle is used to complete the dyeing process with the dyed fabric in the gas-liquid mixing chamber, and the dyed fabric is pulled by the circulating air flo…
          Main features:1. The spatula coater adopts PLC touch screen automatic centralized control system, directly realizing the modern production mode of one-person production.2. The pneumatic feeding device is provided to facilitate the connection of raw materials, ensure the flatness of feeding position a…
          Beam dyeing machine (BEAM) is on the fabric roll reel in porous cylinder, filled in the pressure cooker, professional chemical pump with high lift and large flow, will take the night liquid flow in the system through the loop process and interactive transform, make liquor completely penetrate the cur…
          Jinjiang Shunxing Machinery Co., Ltd. wish the new and old customers happy new year! Everything will be fine! Happy family! Money and treasures will be plentiful! May you be happy and prosperous!
          National sales network
          With the increasing market share, the company has a perfect service network nationwide to meet the timely response to customer needs
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